Dental Practice with Offices in Philadelphia and on the Main Line Provides 'Revision Dentistry' To Those In Need

-- Amsterdam Dental Group helps patients who want long-lasting solutions to their dental issues. --

Philadelphia, PA - March 31, 2011 - Bob suffered from teeth-grinding and challenges with the health of his gums for years. Periodically, he tried to get relief from a variety of dentists, but the problem never quite went away.

Fortunately, Bob went to Amsterdam Dental Group, a world-renowned dental practice in the heart of Philadelphia. His complicated case was no trouble for the doctors at Amsterdam Dental Group, who say that more and more patients are coming to the practice for its unique brand of "revision dentistry".

"Many people have heard of revision cosmetic surgery -- the idea of getting additional (or sometimes corrective) procedures done after an initial surgery on the same area of the body," explains Amsterdam Dental Group's Dr. Howard Fraiman, DMD. "We've taken this concept and applied it to dentistry, a field where it's common to find people who have suffered with the same issues for years without a solution."

Often, patients aren't aware that there is a solution for their dental problem. Many suffer for years with dental work that "doesn't fit perfectly" or simply try to avoid smiling in order to hide their dental problem from others. It's both a health concern and a social concern for these patients.

"Whether it's a cosmetic issue or a more serious health concern, these are patients who need to be able to trust that their dentist will recommend a lasting solution," said Dr. Fraiman. "Revision dentistry offers patients the ability to have healthier, pain-free mouths and restore their confidence -- in their dentist, and in themselves."

Every aspect of the patient's experience at Amsterdam Dental Group was designed to instill confidence that they're in good hands and put them at ease. The office provides relaxing surroundings, featuring comforts like a fully stocked refrigerator, free Wi-Fi, and even stereos and specially painted treatment rooms designed for maximum comfort. The three renowned dentists that practice at Amsterdam Dental Group offer the knowledge and expertise to care for even the most challenging dental cases in the world today.

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