With Unique Onsite Laboratory, Philadelphia Dental Practice Provides Better, Faster Cosmetic Dentistry

-- Unlike most dental practices, Amsterdam Dental Group features a dental laboratory in the same suite as its patient exam rooms. --

Philadelphia, PA - March 31, 2011 - For a painter to achieve the most accurate picture, the artist has to see the subject and paint it in person. The same goes when it comes to cosmetic dental work, says Amsterdam Dental Group's Dr. Howard Fraiman, DMD. Patients receive the best results if the ceramist fabricating their new dental restoration meets with the patient face to face, and then makes the restoration onsite -- a process that Amsterdam Dental Group practices via its onsite dental laboratory.

Dr. Fraiman explains, "Our onsite dental laboratory offers our patients access to the refined craft and subtle effects a ceramist can execute, but only if he or she is working directly with the patient. I consider Amsterdam Dental Group's onsite lab to be one of the most important tools we use to help our patients achieve the overall look they are seeking."

A good dental restoration must match the patient's teeth, lips, and facial features perfectly, from color to shape to size. This careful, detail-oriented custom matching process is nearly impossible to coordinate offsite -- at least, not without compromising the quality of the final restoration.

"With an onsite lab, the ceramist can see your complexion, the form of your lips, and how much your teeth show when you smile," Dr. Fraiman explained. "And once the restoration is complete, the onsite lab technician can ensure it's an exact match."

What happens if the work is not an exact match after the first attempt? The ceramist simply goes right back into the lab to make changes.

"With the patient right there, we can keep revising the restoration until it's exactly right," said Al Nelson, a ceramist at Amsterdam Dental Group's lab. "What would take weeks and multiple dentist visits with an offsite lab can happen all in the same day at Amsterdam Dental Group."

Amsterdam Dental Group has more information on its website, including stories from revision dentistry patients. Visit amsterdamdentalgroup.com.

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Amsterdam Dental Group is one of the nation's top practices in restorative, implant and cosmetic dentistry, led by doctors who are University of Pennsylvania professors, frequent lecturers, and most importantly, talented dentists. Complex cases are welcomed and solved using advanced technology like digital imaging, computerized tomography, dental implants, CAT scan technology, and an on-site dental laboratory.

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