Alcohol Rehab Orange County

At Crescent Moon Recovery, we know that people battling alcoholism require professional help. You may think you can control the condition and quit whenever you like, but that’s not what reality shows. Few people can overcome alcoholism on their own due to how the disorder functions. Our alcohol rehab in Orange County aims to change that.

How the alcohol rehab treatment works

Our facility specializes in outpatient-based drug and alcohol treatment, helping people deal with moderate addiction conditions. The primary goal is to prevent the condition from worsening by providing early treatment in an outpatient environment. Our treatment approach is most relevant for individuals who have completed the inpatient treatment or have mild levels of alcoholism.

Our treatment consists of three core programs:

  1. Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) – PHP is the first line of defense following the inpatient treatment. While it is an outpatient program, it does offer several hours of treatment daily, for five days per week. Some of the treatment modalities that are part of PHP include regular psychiatric evaluations, group therapy, cognitive assessments, medication management, neuro-psychology treatment, etc. The program aims to tackle your condition by minimizing the impact of the withdrawal, diminishing cravings, and addressing the underlying mental and emotional issues triggering the addictive behavior.
  2. Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) – IOP works best with PHP as it’s the ideal follow-up program for alcoholism victims who need extended support. IOP is all about community building and helping people reintegrate into society. Our alcohol rehab in Orange County will help you reassess your life and learn from other individuals battling similar problems. It’s all about creating a thriving community of people who have defeated their demons and have found ways to improve their lives.
  3. Outpatient program – The outpatient program is the final phase in the recovery process, and it’s where people learn to adapt to a healthier lifestyle. This stage of the recovery journey is all about building a healthy, sustainable routine over the years. The outpatient program will allow you to incorporate relapse prevention strategies into your everyday life to ensure long-lasting sobriety moving forward.

The rehabilitation treatment aims to help individuals battling addiction learn new ways to manage their lives over the years. At our center, we help people:

  • Understand the magnitude of their problem
  • Realize the direction they’re heading without proper treatment
  • Learn how to control, ignore, or combat their harmful cravings
  • Learn how to manage their negative thoughts, emotions, and impulses
  • Become more positive, energetic, optimistic, and disciplined
  • Fix relationships with loved ones and friends
  • Work to improve their lives personally, financially, and socially, etc.

If you seek immediate alcohol rehab in Orange County, we recommend speaking to our rehab experts. Our outpatient-based program will help you avoid the inpatient treatment and save you money, time, and a more strenuous rehabilitation experience in the process.

Contact Crescent Moon Recovery today if you wish to discuss our treatment options, check your rehab insurance, or make an appointment for clinical evaluation and treatment.

Alcohol Rehab Orange County

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Alcohol Rehab Orange County

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