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Assisted Living Salt Lake County

Assisted Living Salt Lake County

Assisted Living in Salt Lake County is our way of helping adults in need of medical and personal care. At Eduro Healthcare, we have highly-trained staff, nurses, and doctors, always on-call, to help you with your healing and recovery process. Our environment is inspirational and motivational for you, where we create personalized goals to help you become independent and happy.

What are the requirements for an assisted living facility?

First of all, you should be 18 years or older to be able to admit yourself to an assisted living facility. Not everyone qualifies for assisted living because medical conditions and personal care requirements also matter while admitting a resident. The people who qualify for an assisted living facility come from either rehab, hospitals, nursing homes, or private homes.

The facility provides daily personal hygiene care, meal preparations, management of medication, and other day-to-day activities, for which you need professional help. If your loved one requires proper care for medical or personal reasons, then you should consider an assisted living facility for their comfort and health.

Services of assisted living residence

Every assisted living facility has some basic provisions for the residents, and similar to that, our assisted living residence provides these services and more.

  • Daily three meals on time
  • Management of medication and providing other medical care
  • Personal care including bathing, dressing, eating, drinking and exercising
  • Social activities to improve morale
  • 24/7 care from nurses, staff, and physicians
  • Regular laundry and house-keeping services
  • Occupational, physical and speech therapy sessions
  • Care for wounds and injuries

We have other amenities for all our residents to help improve their experience at our facility for assisted living in Salt Lake County. These services are

  • Private rooms that provide personal space for every resident
  • Private dining area and beautiful courtyards for walks
  • Transportation for medical purposes and other social activities
  • Barbershop and beauty salon so our residents can relax and chat with their peers

Long-term care for patients in assisted care

Most of the older adults require long-term care after 65 because of the increasing rate of medical conditions. After a certain age, your loved ones are unable to live an independent life without assistance. This is where assisted living residence could help provide personal care with medication management.

It not always the case of bad health; it’s just that sometimes, your loved ones are active but unable to function appropriately in the world. For this reason, they need a calm and peaceful environment to live happily and healthily.

Importance of assisted living for healthcare

We have experienced staff, registered nurses who are well-trained, and 24/7 available on-call physicians to help your loved one during their stay with us. Our services are efficient and motivational for our residents because we provide personalized goals to help them live independently.

Eduro Healthcare has a motive of helping our patients become more self-reliant and happy while they are recovering in our care. At our facility for assisted living in Salt Lake County, we help you get back towards your good health and happy mood with our customized goals and specialized services.

Assisted Living Salt Lake County
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Assisted Living Salt Lake County
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