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Headache Thousand Oaks

Headache Thousand Oaks

When you get a headache, you may not give much thought to the type of headache. Instead, you try to reach for whatever remedy seems to work best for you on most occasions. The truth is that the more that you know about your headaches, the easier it will be to get the right treatment for a headache in Thousand Oaks.

Do You Need Treatment For Severe Headaches?

The good news about most headaches is that you can get relief using a variety of home remedies. These are some of the common types of headaches people experience:

Muscle Tension Headaches

  • Pressure or tightness across your forehead and sometimes the back or side of the head
  • Tenderness along the neck, shoulder, and scalp
  • Aching, dull pain in larger areas of the head

At-home remedies that may help for these excruciating headaches include over-the-counter medications, rest, and using heat and/or ice.

Migraine Headaches

  • Pulsing/throbbing pain
  • Pain is usually one-sided but can be on both sides of the head
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Light and sound sensitivity, sometimes touch or smell as well

At-home remedies include over-the-counter medications, but many people will need combined analgesics or prescription medications known as “rescue” meds.

TMJ Headaches

  • Jaw or facial pain
  • Tightening of the jaw or facial muscles
  • Changes in bite or restricted movement
  • May occur in one or more regions around the face or head – can feel like a tension headache

At-home remedies may include avoidance of chewy or hard foods, icing your jaw, or using over-the-counter medications.

Get Help With TMJ Headache Relief

Many people end up with a headache in Thousand Oaks without realizing that it is due to TMJ. The good news is that you can get tailored care and headache relief by working with a TMJ headache specialist. You must get fully evaluated to determine what is causing your headaches to get the tailored care you need. When you work with us at TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre, you can count on a customized plan that addresses all of your concerns. The result will be your ability to move forward from the discomfort you are experiencing so that you can hopefully live your life headache-free.

Whether you are dealing with primary headaches, secondary headaches, facial and jaw pain, or something else, we do have therapies and exercises that you can try to help you find the relief you deserve. Do you have questions about headache symptoms, how you can treat them, and what we can do to help here at TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre? We would love to talk with you to give you the treatment for headache in Thousand Oaks that you have been looking for.

Give us a call at TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre by dialing 805-496-5700, and a member of our team will be able to address your questions and concerns. You can also fill out our convenient online contact form to set up a time for your first appointment or gather more information about the services we offer.

Headache Thousand Oaks

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