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Opioid Treatment Tarzana

Opioid Treatment Tarzana

Opioids are a drug group with a high risk of misuse and addiction. Medical assisted addiction treatment is one of the best ways to treat opioid addiction. Medications such as Subutex, probuphine, and methadone is used to treat opioid addiction. The medication helps to minimize cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Tarzana treatment centers offer medical-assisted opioid addiction to help patients achieve long-term recovery. There are many benefits of medication-assisted opioid addiction treatment.

Individualized Care

North Star Detox & Rehab Center is one of the best recovery centers in Tarzana, offering tailored care plans accounting for patients’ unique needs. The addiction specialists at North Star Detox & Rehab Center understand that substance abuse affects patients’ personal lives in many ways. Therefore, they provide treatment plans, including services that help patients achieve sustained recovery. Patients receive therapy, support services, and medication to suit their treatment needs.

Comprehensive Care and Therapy

As part of Tarzana addiction treatment, patients participate in one-on-one therapy sessions. This program offers patients opportunities to talk to counselors who understand opioid addiction. The therapy sessions offered in our drug and alcohol rehab in Tarzana help patients and counselors discuss recovery goals and develop sustained sobriety strategies. Counseling sessions help patients to build coping strategies and manage triggers for use. Some addiction treatment centers provide group and family therapy where patients work with their loved ones to understand the recovery process.

Professional Staff and Expertise

A significant benefit of medication addiction treatment centers is they have a professional staff ready to help patients on their recovery journey. The staff at an addiction treatment center are trained and compassionate to help patients cope with opioid addiction. Dedicated clinics like North Star Detox & Rehab Center have certifications for providing top-quality rehabilitation services. Medication-assisted addiction treatment is usually provided in an accepting environment. The staff in these facilities understand that people struggling with opioid addiction face stigma in their communities. Therefore, they provide the unconditional support that their patients need.

Excellent Environment for Recovery

Medication addiction treatment is typically provided in safe residential inpatient treatment centers in Tarzana that supports recovery. The MAT program provides an excellent setting for patients to recover from opioid addiction. It also provides patients with the resources they need to remain in treatment and commit to their recovery from opioid addiction. In addition, MAT treatment in a rehab minimizes patients' possibility of taking to crimes to sustain their addiction. It also reduces the possibility of contracting dangerous diseases like HIV and hepatitis. Staying in a MAT program increases patients' chances of recovery as they continue with treatment.

Excellent Coordination of Care and Services

MAT programs enable patients to receive the care and support they need to meet their recovery goals. Case managers in rehab facilities help to coordinate patient services. In addition, they refer patients to organizations that facilitate food, housing, and other essentials for recovering addicts. The services of treatment centers vary depending on their resources and the number of patients under their care. However, MAT programs' goal is to ensure patients receive the care they need to bring them closer to their recovery goals.

Begin your MAT treatment at the North Star Detox & Rehab Center. We help patients take the medications they need to relieve withdrawal symptoms and begin their recovery journey. Please contact North Star Detox & Rehab Center at 818-928-2042/818-928-2043 for the best physician-owned and operated recovery treatment center.


Opioid Treatment Tarzana
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Opioid Treatment Tarzana
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