Our Patients Speak Volumes In Very Few Words“Excellent and professional service.”
    ~ Thomas W.

Phoenix Drug Rehab Centers

Scottsdale Recovery is one of the top Phoenix drug rehab centers with thousands of positive reviews from alumni patients. We have helped numerous addicts fregain their sobriety via an evidence-based treatment approach and individualized care.

What separates us from other rehab centers?

We are a leading luxury drug rehab luxury alcohol rehab with state-of-the-art amenities and a dedicated team of clinical staff. The core characteristics that make us stand out from other drug and alcohol treatment centers include:

  • Customized treatments – While other rehabs follow a one-size-fits-all approach, we create an individualized healing program for each patient after thoroughly assessing their physical and mental health. Our customized therapies allow patients to overcome their unique addiction circumstances and achieve their wellness goals.
  • Accredited clinical staff – Most rehabs have a large client-to-patient ratio and generally underqualified personnel to handle recovering addicts. We have a competent team of clinical professionals working around-the-clock to offer unsurpassed quality addiction care and services. We also have the lowest staff-to-client ratio, enabling our therapists and RNs to provide individual care and personal attention to each patient in recovery.
  • Focus on underlying mental disorders – Not many rehabs take the extra effort to determine the underlying cause of an addiction disorder. However, staff at our luxury addict rehab facility go to great lengths to identify and address the underlying mental health disorders and prevent the chances of relapse significantly in recovering addicts.

Not to mention, our opulent facilities offer the highest level of comfort to recovering addicts and helps them attain sobriety in a safe and pain-free manner. We make the recovery journey of our recovering addicts less intimidating and more pleasant by creating a home-like environment.

Benefits of joining a luxury rehab

Regardless of your financial standing, it can be a therapeutic and rewarding experience for you to receive addiction treatment from a luxury rehab. Some of the primary benefits of joining a luxury rehab include:

  1. Comfortable accommodations

Luxury rehabs offer the most comfortable accommodations and nourish the mind, bodies, and spirits of their recovering addicts by serving chef-prepared meals three times a day. While there is no easy around when dealing with withdrawal symptoms, staying at an upscale facility can make your journey towards sobriety less stressful and more pleasant.

  1. Personalized care

Luxury rehabs have a small staff-to-client ratio, allowing you to receive individualized care and personal attention.

  1. Innovative treatments

These rehabs have cutting-edge technology and use the most advanced treatments and therapies to address addiction and co-occurring disorders, helping you garner the best outcomes in recovery.

How to ensure the rehab treatment's success?

Approach addiction treatment with an open mind and take it one day at a time. You must stay positive throughout the healing process and prioritize recovery above all.

Being honest and developing a willingness to look at your addiction situation from all angles and opportunities can help you achieve your recovery goals in a relatively short duration. 

Call us at 602-346-9242 to sign up for addiction treatment at one of the best phoenix drug rehab centers. Scottsdale Recovery is a leading addiction treatment facility with the best inpatient, outpatient, IOP, and aftercare programs. 

Phoenix Drug Rehab Centers
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Phoenix Drug Rehab Centers
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