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Testosterone Replacement Therapy Clinics Near Me

Testosterone Replacement Therapy Clinics Near Me

Low testosterone affects more than your intimate life, it affects your daily life routine. Unfortunately, testosterone production will inevitably reduce as you age. The level can drop to an abnormally low value that makes it virtually impossible for you to function daily. Many men are unaware that low testosterone is a huge contributor to a bad day after a certain age.

Testosterone deficiency is a common underlying issue for problems such as:

  • Mumps

  • Pituitary tumor

  • Testicular injury

  • Hypogonadism

In most cases, testosterone deficiency can take a natural course if it does not have specific health problems. Watch out for telltale signs indicating testosterone-related issues. You can get comprehensive testosterone hormone therapy by talking to a testosterone therapy center that understands different body chemistries.

Signs you need hormone replacment for men in a clinic

Physical symptoms

The first few signs of testosterone deficiency is loss of muscles and increase of body weight and fat. You could develop mild anemia or a drop of hemoglobin. You may sudden significant increase of cholesterol and develop fragility of bones which is indicative of osteoporosis. A striking symptom of testosterone reduction is usually less body hair. It is best to ask an expert because these signs could also signal many other medical issues.

Mood change

A change in mood is usually a prime sign of encroaching menopause. This case is because lower hormones disrupt the chemical composition in the body. Do not overlook constant irritability and sadness of depression, while dismissing it as a sign for retirement.  

Low energy

Do you feel tired than usual? You could lack the energy to play with kids or perform basic chores. It is normal to have a burnout if you have a bad diet or poor sleep pattern. A hormonal imbalance will however predispose you to low energy despite all other efforts for a healthy mind and body.

Low libido

It is normal for you to have a lower libido with age. Men in their 50s and 60s have the lowest sex drives. An unexplained reduction in libido is something that you should bring to the attention of Elevate Miami. We will find the root of the symptom with extensive tests and analysis of your health history. The reduced drive due to lower testosterone is rectifiable with testosterone replacement therapy in clinics near me.

Weight and bone mass change

Imbalanced hormones are the main reasons for a variety of problems. Weight gain happens when the testosterone is too low to support a healthy metabolism. A combination of chronic fatigue and slow metabolism is the perfect combination for rapid weight gain despite consistency of the diet. Do not ignore messages of reduced bone mass, because it increases the chance for broken bones and fractures.

You do not always need a doctor to confirm strength and muscle mass loss. You could notice a decreasing ability to lift the same consistent items around the house. It is likely that you need testosterone therapy if you are at the ripe age for other depreciating body functions.

Testosterone replacement therapy for men? We use the right testosterone replacement therapy for men to bring back a sufficient level of the hormone with no side effect. We know the most appropriate treatment that will quickly absorb into your body as an exact composition of your original hormones. Talk to us on 05-359-5569 to learn more about our testosterone replacement.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy Clinics Near Me

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