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Luxury Drug Rehab California

Drug addiction is a complex disease, and anyone can struggle with it. Drug addiction can be treated in a simple outpatient rehabilitation facility, where therapy and medically supervised detox are the foundation for the treatment. Most people respond well to the basic drug rehabilitation treatment in such facilities.

However, some require staying at luxury rehab facilities before they can have success with treatment. Luxury drug rehab centers deliver addiction treatment in private, luxurious environments.

Of course, luxury drug rehabs are also more expensive than regular rehab centers. Still, they have the best medical experts, beautiful serene locations, and dozens of amenities that regular rehab centers cannot offer. If you’re looking for low-cost addiction treatment in CA, luxury rehab centers are not for you.

Facilities Available in Luxury Rehab Centers in California

Luxury drug rehab programs in CA offer several services and facilities that you would not find in the city’s standard rehab centers. Many individuals believe that the extra features and facilities found in a luxury rehab center help them have a longer-lasting, more holistic, and more pleasant recovery process.

Some of these facilities include:

  • A personal apartment or executive suite
  • A private life, far from the outside world
  • A combination of the finest known physical therapy and spiritual enriching treatment
  • Rooms with a beautiful view of the environment, usually close to a beach and lovely natural sights
  • Leading chefs who prepare the best luxurious foods, usually customized to meet your nutritional and dietary requirements.
  • Emotional healing treatment and relaxation facilities
  • Mindful therapy, yoga and meditation, and massage therapy
  • Some have sports facilities like tennis courts, for tennis lovers, and pools.
  • Gender-specific treatments

Cost of Luxury Drug Rehab in California

Luxurious amenities, unique state-of-the-art treatments, privacy, and exclusiveness make luxury rehab centers the finest drug rehab treatment in CA and the most expensive. The cost of treatment in a luxury drug treatment center in California depends on which part of the city you are in. The cost can also be influenced by the type of facility, size of the program, length of the program, size, and type of treatments provided.

On average, a 30-day luxury rehab program cost ranges from $6000 to $27,000 for some inpatient rehabs. Some top rehab centers charge close to $20,000 for a 30-day program.

The duration of rehab also affects the cost of rehab. Patients who require more than a 30-day program, say 60- or 90-day, may be required to pay any amount within the range of $12,000 to $65,000 for their treatment.   

Low-Cost and Free Drug Rehab Centers in CA

Not everyone in California can afford to pay for luxury drug rehab treatment. If you have little or no financial strength to pay for the expensive rehab treatment, you can take advantage of the Government-funded drug rehab treatment programs in California.

Many insurance companies in California now cover drug rehab treatment. Even if your insurance does not cover all the facility’s services, insurance plans still cover the important part of the rehab treatment.

You owe it to yourself to seek help when you have a drug addiction or substance use problem. If you are strong financially, you can opt for a luxury drug rehab in California. The extra programs that distinguish luxury rehab treatment centers from the standard ones may be all you need to start afresh. Too little luxury may be a problem, but so also is too much luxury.

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Luxury Drug Rehab California