dental implants
10 April 2019
Dental Implants

Dental Implants are not new; they are also not rare. The treatment has actually become one of the most often ways to replace one or more missing teeth in order to improve both the esthetics and function of one’s smile. However not all dental professionals are the same. The five dual trained specialists at Amsterdam...

Show Off Your Brightest Smile!
10 April 2019
Show Off Your Brightest Smile!

There are several reasons why teeth will change color or become less bright over time. Certain beverages, such as coffee, tea and red wine, can be major staining culprits; not to mention just one more negative effect associated with tobacco use.  Then there are the unavoidable results of aging. Good news! Teeth whitening is a...

10 April 2019

Braces are not just for kids! Ideal at any age, Invisalign® is the clear alternative to traditional metal braces and a virtually invisible way to improve your smile. Each custom-made aligner is carefully crafted using a combination of digital imaging and innovative material to create a better and more comfortable fit for faster results plus...

porcelain veneers
10 April 2019
Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry can do more than create a great smile; it can be emotional and life changing. A smile is also very personal and at Amsterdam Dental Group in Philadelphia, we use a meticulous process that combines digital design with the finest concepts, techniques and materials. Porcelain veneers is one such customized treatment to improve...

Five Dual-Trained Dental Specialists
04 April 2019
Five Dual-Trained Specialists at Amsterdam Dental Group Named Philadelphia Magazine’s Top Dentists™ 2019 – Prosthodontics/Cosmetic Dentistry

April 4, 2019 – Philadelphia/Paoli, PA – Amsterdam Dental Group, a leader in periodontal prosthesis and periodontics, is pleased to announce five (5) of its dual-trained dental specialists have been named Philadelphia Magazine’s Top Dentists™ 2019 – Prosthodontics/Cosmetic Dentistry. Trained in periodontal prosthesis and periodontics, Drs. Harold Baumgarten, Howard Fraiman, Jeffrey Ingber and Brian Kasten...