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What We Treat

Imagine not being able to enjoy your favorite cookie, telling a silly joke, smiling with friends. For children with Ectodermal Dysplasia, Cleft Lip and/or Palate, Sjögren’s (SHOW-grins) Syndrome or other rare disorder causing an abnormal dental condition, these moments of joy can be difficult. For parents, watching it firsthand can be heartbreaking and even scary. However, like many medical conditions, having the right team — one that specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of unique disorders — can make all the difference.

Ectodermal Dysplasia (ED) is a group of rare genetic disorders generally passed on from parent to child and can impact anyone – no matter gender or race. While sometimes diagnosed at birth, milder cases of ED may not be uncovered until later and can involve consultations with various medical professionals.

In the simplest terms, those suffering with ED have an absence or abnormal development of hair, skin, nails, sweat glands, mucous membranes and yes, teeth. In cases of Oligodontia, the number of missing teeth can be 6 or more. But these cases are all but simple and the complications that result can have a significant impact on the most basic life skills.

Led by Dr. Brian Kasten, Amsterdam Dental Group is proud to be part of The National Foundation for Ectodermal Dysplasia (NEFD) and named one of its Dental Treatment Center.s This partnership is meaningful specifically for the countless individuals who have lifelong dental needs as a result of ectodermal dysplasias at any age. Children from the age of 2 through adolescence and adulthood can benefit from proper treatment, including improved speech, facial appearance and emotional well-being.

Cleft lip and/or palate is a condition with a number of potential causes that often include a combination of genetic and environmental factors. Beyond the transfer of genes, many actions during pregnancy – from medication and smoking to obesity – can result in the deformity.

For the one in 1,600 children in the United States born with a cleft lip and/or palate, dental-related complications are common and normally take the form of missing, extra or malformed teeth. The initial concerns at birth may be feeding but the ongoing effects are more widespread, including speech impediments and problems with dental development.

Treatment begins early generally with surgical repair before a child turns 2 years old. Its goal is to restore normal anatomy of the mouth – first by closing the opening and second correcting any accompanying malformations. By working hand in hand with a team of specialists, results can be life changing as kids can enjoy a sense of normalcy with their ability to speak, eat and drink.

However cleft lip and/or palate related conditions are not only found in children. Adults can suffer with dental issues years after their cleft is closed, including the potential need for new teeth due to worn prosthesis. At ADG, our team of seven dental professionals expertly trained at the world-renowned Periodontal Prosthesis program at Penn Dental Medicine have the skill and use advanced technology to treat the most complicated cases.

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How We Treat

First and foremost, we care and understand how oral conditions associated rare genetic and other disorders can be impactful. A diagnosis can be scary. We also know these disorders are treatable with the right team. At ADG, we have a well-defined and personalized guided process to make patients and parents comfortable from day one. This includes:

  • Complete medical history and medications review
  • Comprehensive clinical and radiographic evaluation plus other diagnostic testing as needed
  • All-inclusive presentation of bone, gum tissue and other deficiencies or abnormalities
  • Clear discussion of recommended procedures and solutions
  • Extensive preparation of short- and long-term personalized treatment plans

Further, the ADG seeks to create a well-rounded care group to include a list of current doctors and possible specialists. The result to this focused yet broad encompassing approach on complicated and unique cases is providing the best results and quality of life for the future.

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